Affirmative Prayer: Choosing that Focus

Recently, every time I’ve turned around, I’ve had another opportunity to consciously choose my focus and choose my thoughts as I noticed my focus and thoughts heading toward negativity and fear.

As I pondered what might be causing so many opportunities all at once, I realized I have gotten lax about my daily spiritual practice.  Several months ago I had gotten the smallest iPod, the Shuffle, so that I could listen to Michael Beckwith talks and inspirational music as I walked in the park. I have found this double dose of spiritual practice – the talk and the walk – does wonders for keeping my focus in the right place.  Yet, I’ve only done my double dose a few times – not even weekly, much less daily.

When my daily spiritual practice is daily, I exponentially increase my ability to choose to focus on positivity, possibilities and love.

How about you?  What works for you to keep your focus where you’d like it?

I’ve included a new piece, “Love in Action” that is helping me keep my focus on love – enjoy!

Love in Action

Feeling afraid . . .
Feeling hopeless . . .
Feeling stuck . . .

Have I finally, truly gone insane?
Do I definitely need medication?
Is it time to admit defeat?

Or . . .

Are these the panicked cries of my ego?
Longing to once again be in charge?

As I step into the unknown,
I desperately desire something familiar . . .

Taking a deep breath,
I realize the comfort of my breathing.

Something familiar:
My breath, my breathing, my Spirit.

Something familiar:
As I breathe deeply,
feeling my Spirit,
I feel Love,
pure, radiant, shimmering Love.

Something familiar:
As I feel Love,
pure, radiant, shimmering Love,
I know Love in Action.

Something familiar:
As I know Love in Action,
I feel myself putting one foot in front of the other
as I step into Love in Action.

Courageously moving forward
into the unknown
as Love in Action . . .

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