Affirmative prayer: Radiant Drop of Oneness

Today in yoga class, I heard my teacher say, “This is not about pushing more, but rather opening into . . .”

Ah, such is so much of life when I notice myself trying harder and pushing more rather than simply surrendering and allowing. In those radiant moments when I truly know that I already am everything and that I already have everything that I seek, then I have nothing to seek. I can simply take a deep breath and relax into all of the love and abundance that I am!

Radiant Drop of Oneness

I am a radiant drop in the
ocean of oneness.

I am one with God.
I am all that God is.
All I desire and need is mine,
easily and effortlessly –
as I am willing to receive
the love and abundance
of me, of the ocean of oneness.

I am one with God, with good.
I am all that God is.
I am a radiant drop in the
ocean of oneness.

I am love, power, beauty and mystery.
I am love, joy, peace and hope.
I am love, brilliance, health and wealth.
I am love and abundance.
I am God expressed.

I am a radiant drop in the
ocean of oneness.

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