Affirmative Prayer: The Grace of Surrender

Recently, grief has come to visit three of my clients and two of my sisters.  I myself am well acquainted with loss and grief and have found comfort in the piece below.

That being said, surrendering to what is soothes the soul when we experience the small, daily “losses” as well as the more challenging death of a loved one.

Read on if you feel any frustration right now about not signing a client, the number on your bathroom scale, not feeling heard by your mother, taking a remark from your teenager personally or having another misunderstanding with your husband . . .

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As we surrender to what is, we create space for receiving the gifts of what we had previously thought unacceptable.

Surrendering to What Is

Very little seems to be
as I believe I would like it to be.

I’ve resisted,
I’ve railed against it,
I’ve cried out, playing the victim.

All of which
has caused me more misery
than the original circumstances
I thought I didn’t like.

So, now I surrender to what is.

I accept
what I had previously considered unacceptable
because I choose peace within.

I choose to be the creator of my life
rather than the victim of circumstances.

I acknowledge in this moment
that circumstances are just as they are –
neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong.

Today, I surrender to what is,
choosing to consciously create my paradise.

As I surrender, I recognize that
my power as the creator of my life
resides in my response to life.
My thoughts and my stories;
They create my heaven or my hell.

Today I choose my thoughts carefully,
Choosing life–affirming thoughts.

Today, I rewrite my stories
to uplift and uphold a life I love
rather than recreate nightmares of the past.

Today, I surrender to what is,
And then I consciously choose thoughts and stories
That create my heaven right now, here on earth.

Excerpted from my new book, Thriving Work: 90 days of daily practice for transforming you and your coaching, consulting or healing business. To read a chapter as my gift and to buy the book, please visit:

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