Affirmative Prayers: Releasing Fear and Doubt

May I breathe into being fully present,
taking in this pure moment.

May I gently acknowledge my fears and doubts
and breathe through them.

May I acknowledge the many funny faces
of resistance
that try to keep me small
so that I don’t courageously face
and move through
my fears and doubts.

May I continue to breathe deeply
to the center of my Self,
allowing the resistances to go play elsewhere
and allowing the fear and doubt
to naturally dissipate.

May I allow my own true radiance
to shine on, through and as my breath.

May I increasingly recognize and receive
the ideas and inspirations
that nudge to burst forth from my radiance.

May I feel the flow of life
running through me.

May all beings breathe
through their fears and doubts
and laugh away their resistance
so they, too, may allow their own true radiance
to shine more brilliantly.

Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Thriving Work: 90 days of daily practice to transforming you and your business.” 
Copyright 2011.

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