Attracting Clients: Creating Space to Grow Your Business

I skipped out on writing a Sacred Space Notebook ezine last week so that I could enjoy a little personal sacred space.   Uncharacteristic of me, I did it spontaneously. Normally, I like to plan retreat time.

This one called me.  I could have ignored the call and powered through, but I decided that at the very least it would be a good experiment, and I’d be less attached to doing things in a rigid structure because I am “suppose to.”

And, early reports are good.  No readers died without me.  Very few unsubscribed!  As for me, the freedom felt so delicious, that I am now doing the first hour or two of my work every day in my big office, the 330 acres of park two blocks from my little office!

With all of this wonderful space – both time and acreage – I need a bigger notebook to capture all my creativity.  I’m not only recharged, I’m on fire!  And now, fanning the flames daily in the open air, or at least with the car window rolled down . . .

Amazingly, by choosing to skip writing one article, I’ve since written several pieces.  And, I have new ideas for articles, talks and an ebook, I coached my clients more deeply and I had three conversations in one day with potential new clients – two of them spontaneously!

Ahhhhhhhh . . . the power of  a little bit of breathing room . . .

Care to join me in this delicious and effective business-building strategy?

Feel free to post your response in the comments . . .


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