Attracting Clients: The Precious, Rare Commodity of You Part II: Getting This in Our Bones

I included this short teaching story from Michael Neill in the last blog post and then had several conversations about the concept.  So, I decided that I’d like to dive a bit deeper into its richness and brilliance.

Give yourself the gift of five whole minutes to read or re-read this and allow it to soak into your bones.

“Imagine that everyone you speak to is a multi-millionaire, and that if you can just say and do the right things around them, they will share some of their money with you.

When you’ve done that for a few moments or even a few minutes, stop and clear your mind before going on to part two . . .

Now, imagine that you are secretly a multi-millionaire, and when you meet people, you are deciding whether or not to share some of your fortune with them.

When I (Michael) first tried that out for myself, I recognized that in the first instance, they had something I wanted and I became increasingly more needy (and creepy) in my attempts to get it from them.

In the second instance, I was the one with something valuable to give – and in choosing who to offer it to, I was not looking for the most pathetic, hopeless victim in the room.  I was looking for the person who would be able and willing to take what I have to offer and create something beautiful with it.”

When I (Ann) was deciding whether or not to offer my “riches” to someone, I became very interested in who they were and what they were up to.  I became curious as to whether they could truly receive the value I had to offer.

Instead of feeling needy and creepy because I was trying to get something, I shifted my focus to learning about the other person to see if or how I might be of service to them.

Wow!  That feels so much better in my body and in my psyche.

What did you notice shifted for you?

Feel free to post your own experience in the Comments.


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