How Can You Be the Light that You Are?

To be the light that we are, all we need do is release resisting, denying and fighting with ourselves.

From December 22, 2009:

Yesterday, to celebrate the Winter Solstice, I spent time in City Park hanging out near one of my favorite trees and watching (what seemed like) ten thousand geese. A couple of years ago, I “heard” that this particular tree’s name is Grace. which suits her so beautifully. She embodies natural, elegant grace.

How Can You Be the Light that You Are?

Grace and her partner, Slim

As I pondered the gifts of the Solstice, I realized how completely and effortlessly Grace is Grace, the Light that is Grace. As is each of those geese the Light that is each of them. Goose number one: the Light that is Goose number one. Goose number two: the Light that is Goose number two. (I haven’t learned each of their names, yet!)

Without any strain, second-guessing or stress, every tree and every goose in the park is naturally and fully the Light that they are.

So, today, this day after the darkest day in the northern hemisphere, I offer you my deepest wish of this sacred season, given to me by the trees and the geese.

May you pause for a moment now to recognize and fully take in the completely unique Light that you are, a blessing to the world. No need to do anything, no need to be different than you are, no strain, no second-guessing, no stress. Simply breathing into the Light that is you.

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being.”
– Hafiz

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2 thoughts on “How Can You Be the Light that You Are?”

  1. Ken, I love the reminder that we are worshiping a false idol when we create an idealized vision of who we hope to become. So interesting to me as someone who supports clients in recognizing more of themselves… maybe the key is recognizing rather than making different, making better… Hmmm…

  2. In your antepenultimate paragraph, you say “no need to be different” and I believe that is the key. No need to be different has to include no need to be better!! A Course Of Love talks about having an idealized vision we hope to become, and calls that worshiping a false idol! So, no more self-improvement. Except if I do notice I accidentally engaged in some, then can I accept that without judgement or resistance? Oh, my!


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