Beyond Self-Consciousness: Attracting Clients

About a month ago, I wrote two issues of Sacred Space Notebook about attracting clients by having high-value conversations with more potential clients.  That must have put something powerful in motion inside me.  Since then I have gone to a deeper level with clients, potential clients, colleagues, family and even strangers who might receive value from spontaneous coaching!

And I am fascinated to notice that simultaneously I am taking my “job” as an agent of transformation more seriously and I am holding it more lightly – having tons of fun with each of these precious connections.  From a tough money conversation with a client to a strategy session with my niece about initiating conversation with a guy she’d like to know better to putting accountability in place with the cable guy to take the next step in making his dream of opening a restaurant a reality . . .  Everyone has goals, dreams, desires.  And, how great is it to have a job that helps people take the action to create the life and work that is uniquely, beautifully theirs?!

I’m not sure why I had been stingy with these rich initial conversations in the past.  Maybe it didn’t feel “appropriate” to talk to the cable guy about his dream.  Or maybe I felt concerned about pushing a client too hard.  Or maybe I didn’t want to come on too strong with a potential client.  What all of those “excuses” have in common: me feeling self-conscious about me.

I’ve noticed that I’ve become more willing to put my focus on the other person, allowing myself to be less focused on my image. And, I can tell you that is working for me!  My life and work feel more gratifying, more playful, more fulfilling, more exciting, more meaningful.  Each morning, I’m curious as to what gifts I might be able to give and to whom. 

The fabulous by-product: more people hiring me.

And, it seems to be working out quite nicely for the others: clients, potential clients, colleagues, family and strangers, alike!  I’m sure there will probably come a time when I offer coaching to someone in one of these conversations and they won’t want it or they’ll feel offended by what I say.  That’s a risk I am becoming more willing to take because the price for not taking it has become way too high!

So what about you?  How can you put yourself out there more: serving more, offering more of the best of you?   

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