I Didn't Know How to Integrate

I’ve had a lot going on this week. New work. Meeting new people. Two emotional family situations. Spending time with a new man. More volunteering at church.

And then this poem for my new book came to me . . .

This guy seems to have mastered Settling Down.

Settling Down

Less thoughts. Deeper […]

Coming Back to Center

Earlier this week, I attended an Evening of Exploration at the Academy for the Love of Learning. We explored Coming Back to Center – Embodied Leadership.

One of the most profound things I learned involved not always being able to tell if I was present within myself while being present with another person. What an […]

Full Dedication

We had the honor of six Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting for us at church last Sunday. Only one of them spoke English, and he spoke for less than two minutes. I was listening to him and now I don’t remember what he was saying. Then, all of the sudden, it seemed as though he woke […]

With Identity Shaken: Who am I?

“Who am I?”

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.

It’s been 8 months since I moved from Denver to Santa Fe and the shift in identity has been kicking my butt lately.

In the biggest, most cosmic sense, I am the unchanging and boundless radiant Light that I have always been and […]

Strong from Within Tools

How might the world shift if we all knew and owned our own divinity?

How would your life shift if you knew, truly knew, that you are the creator of your life, the author of your story? What might you create differently than how your life is now?

What if we could devote a minute […]

Discovering Your Way: In Divine Flow

Recently my coach asked me if I was willing to surrender what I thought needed to happen. I immediately replied, “I would love to surrender.” And, before she spoke, I could feel the “But . . .” inside me.

My ego says, “If you surrender, you will die. You MUST fight for your life.” What […]

Find Your Strongest Life: Strong from Within

Bringing alignment to the internal struggle.

So many inner voices. All with ideas and gifts And needs.

Often competing. Judging. Criticizing.

Bringing alignment to the internal struggle.

Listening. Allowing. Appreciating.


Orchestrating an internal symphony.

Ah, to be strong from within like the deeply-rooted tree who also reaches toward the sky…

Rich. Complex. Moving. […]

Find Your Strongest Life: The Privilege of Being You

Never before. Never again.

Brilliant, Shining now.

Illuminating sacred opportunity to express the beloved known as me.

Entrusted to nurture the beloved into fullness of Divine Glory.

Bringing forth the Brilliance of this beloved.

The entire Universe uplifted by this beloved’s presence.

Brilliant, Shining now.

Never before. Never again.

Brilliant, Shining now.

Post your […]

Navigating Change Successfully: The Certainty of God in Uncertain Situations

In the past six months, I have experienced more change in my life, both personally and professionally, than in the past six years. Honestly, it has rocked me to my core.

Two of my clients and one of my friends have each experienced three or four unrelated deaths of people under 50, several of […]

Affirmative Prayer: Ambassador of Love

I give Love this moment, I give Love this day.

I give Love my mind, I give Love my heart, I give Love my soul.

I surrender to the greatest good in me, allowing lesser ideas and preoccupations to drop away.

I serve as an ambassador of Love, as Love.