What If You Have the Key to Your Freedom?

“So oftentimes it happens that we live our lives in chains That we never even know we have the key . . .” ~ Lyrics from Already Gone, Eagles

Earlier today one of my clients sent me these lyrics because they reminded her of some of our coaching conversations. The Eagles were my sister’s favorite […]

How Do Our Unconscious Conspiracy Ideas Harm Us?

“In one of my favorite studies described in The Storytelling Animal, a team of psychologists asked shoppers to choose a pair of socks among seven pairs and then to give their reasons for choosing that particular pair. Every shopper explained their choice based on subtle differences in color, texture, and stitching. No shopper said, ‘I […]

How Do You Know If You’re Living Your True Nature?

“A fish cannot drown in water. A bird does not fall in air. Each creature God made must live in its own true nature.” ~ Mechthild of Magdeburg

For us humans, we are the only species that has the joy and the burden of discovering, remembering, our own specific true nature. We each have free […]

What If We Didn’t Fight Ourselves?

After studying A Course of Love for 10 months, I finished reading it a couple of months ago. At the end of the book, it instructed me to begin again – read it a second time!

Since then, I had resisted rereading. After all, it is not light summer vacation reading.

Then, a couple of […]

How Might We Not Take Fear Seriously?

I’ve worked with several clients this week around moving through fear. Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of being in romantic partnership with the wrong person. Fear the money will run out. Fear of hiring the wrong person. Fear of not getting everything done because the business is growing so quickly.

And, here’s the […]

Freedom from Our Innocently Self-Imposed Prisons

“What if everything in life was up for grabs and there were no givens?” – Michael Neill From his brand new, hot-off-the-press book, “The Space Within: Finding Your Way Back Home”

I am so excited because one of my mentors, Michael Neill, released his latest book yesterday. One of the reasons I have been a […]

How to Notice When You Are Creating Heaven

Heaven: “This is wonderful. I could stay here forever.” Hell: “This is not quite perfect.” – Byron Katie From her book, I Need Your Love – Is that True?

What separates us from animals involves our intellectual capacity, our ability to think and reason. Yet, for the most part, most of us, most of the […]

Why Might We Like to Perceive in this New Way?

I have been aware of and studying the principles of Thought, Consciousness and Mind for years.* And, I am just beginning to understand the transformative power of not taking regurgitated thought seriously.

When I remember regurgitated thinking is not reality, but rather just regurgitated thinking, then I’ve allowed an opening in my world for fresh, […]

What If You Didn’t Believe Everything You Heard (in Your Head)?

Last week we looked at two types of thought: regurgitated thought and inspired thought.

When we don’t distinguish between the two, we tend to give all of our thinking the same weight. When we name regurgitated thought for what it is, we give ourselves the opportunity to take ourselves far less seriously, to quiet our […]

How to Elevate Your Thoughts for a Happier Life

As human beings we have thinking as a distinction from other animals. Most of us clearly understand that our thinking sets us apart. And yet, few of us seem to understand that we have the ability to “think” in two radically different ways.

Most of our thinking is repetitive, regurgitated and anxiety-provoking. Did I lock […]