What Makes This a Good Life for You?

Recently, I noticed something that might seem obvious.

When we get to be ourselves, we tend to be happy.

This struck me after I coached two clients back-to-back. The first client is doing work she loves that really engage all of her strengths doing work she is passionate about. The second client is doing too […]

Strong You, Strong Work

In the past few weeks, I’ve needed more support than usual from my own coach. And, most of my clients have needed more support from me. One day last week, I received two frantic emails in one day. The subject line of one of them was: Help!

In the 20 years I’ve been coaching, I’d […]

The Amazingly Simple Way to Gain Clarity

Over and over again, clients come to coaching with me to gain clarity. Their number one desire, by far, involves experiencing clarity – both big picture clarity and day-to-day decision-making clarity. In all areas of their lives.

For all of us, clarity naturally occurs when we allow our minds to settle down and we are […]

Why Might We Like to Perceive in this New Way?

I have been aware of and studying the principles of Thought, Consciousness and Mind for years.* And, I am just beginning to understand the transformative power of not taking regurgitated thought seriously.

When I remember regurgitated thinking is not reality, but rather just regurgitated thinking, then I’ve allowed an opening in my world for fresh, […]

Heart Wide Open

Happy Gratitude! On the eve of our US holiday of appreciation, I give you this poem from my forthcoming book …

Heart Wide Open

Warm sun. Deep breath. Kitty purr. Coffee gurgle.

Soft eyes. Beating heart. Soft heart. Armor melted.

Open arms. Embracing all. Boundaries melting.

Open mind. Open heart. Quiet mind. Quiet heart.


The Best Way to Take a Stand for Your Contributions

Last week, one of my colleagues told me that learning his top 5 StrengthsFinder strengths changed the trajectory of his life.

This after I had encouraged him to take the StrengthsFinder assessment when he had shared some frustrations about his job. Wow, he caught my attention, and I couldn’t wait to find out what he […]

“Anybody Can Do That.” Or Can They?

When we are most ourselves – radiant and alive – our beingness and what we do comes naturally to us, without self-consciousness or judgment. Often effortlessly. We mistakenly imagine that if it is effortless for us, then it must be effortless for everyone. We also often take that one step further: if it’s effortless, it […]

Transformation: Our 'Yes' to Rebirth

I tend to be a bit slow to embrace change so I’ve been clinging to an old life for more than a year. It’s been time to leave the romantic relationship I ended a year ago, deepen the nature of my coaching work and move to a quiet, spacious place (with far fewer people) where […]