Clear Intention: Make this Year Different, Really!

Everything you desire, awaits you.  Just beyond your comfort zone.

To bring your 2010 dreams into reality, you will have to step out of your comfort zone.  Okay, take a deep breath.  You can do it.  Especially when you think about the price of not moving forward.  Would you rather feel some discomfort, or live without those new clients,  that passive revenue, your book out in the world, the wonderful man or more radiant health?

If you’re willing to commit in 2010 to becoming comfortable with discomfort, you can have everything you desire.  Would you like to start now? 

I’ve already made that commitment to myself.  And here’s how I’m practicing getting comfortable with the discomfort that change brings: every day I’m setting a clear intention to do something outside of my comfort zone.

Some of my stretches:

  • Asking someone for help.
  • Trying a new food.
  • Pushing myself beyond where I’ve been in my yoga practice.
  • Introducing myself to someone new.
  • Dreaming bigger.
  • Learning a new technical skill.  

To begin, make yourself a list of 20 possible things to do that stretch you.  What goes beyond my comfort zone may be easy-peasy for you.  Then, each day, pick something off your list, take a deep breath and begin to become friends with the unknown – the place where all dreams begin!

Hey, maybe for today’s stretch, would you like to share with us and post your list here on the blog?


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