Clear Intention: The Gold in the Goal beneath the Goal

On New Year’s Day 2006, I received a phone call from my beloved then-16-year-old niece, Alisha.  Even though we live a thousand miles apart, we’ve talked on the phone frequently for several years.  At that time, if we’d talked 300 times over the years, I’d made 297 of those calls!  The three times she called me included the day she first met my new infant niece/her cousin, and two of her first days of school.  So her New Year’s Day call intrigued me.

She told me she was calling because she’d made a resolution to call me more.  Touched, I asked her what other resolutions she had made.  She told me she was thinking of a couple, but hadn’t made any definite commitments yet.

What a huge, heart-felt gift she gave me.  She further surprised me by telling me she thought she’d like to call about every 10 days.  I felt like I’d won the lottery!

Fast-forward four years, Alisha did call me more that year.  And these days, she calls as much or more than I do!  And I still feel so very  fortunate to have such a close relationship with her.

Thinking about Alisha back then, inspired me to re-examine how I approach and view my goals and resolutions.  I realized that to make our goals and resolutions more compelling, we must link them to the underlying reason for the goals and/or to helping others reach their dreams.

This year, I have a new financial goal in place.  I realize that one of the reasons I choose to make more money involves going to California more often so that Alisha and I can spend more time together.  Also, if I focus on the transformation that occurs for my clients, I get way more excited about the goal of making more money.

So, for me, I’m keeping my focus on spending more time with Alisha and teaching my clients clarity and confidence around themselves and their businesses.  As I anticipate the joy of spending more time with Alisha and I actually sense my clients loving themselves more and expressing more of themselves in their work, I feel super-charged.  I forget about my self-consciousness about making more money. 

Of course I’ll reach my new financial goals!  And, feel happy and fulfilled along the way . . .

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How can you link one of your goals or resolutions to something you hold dear or to how achieving your goal could also help others make their dreams come true?  Feel free to post your answers n the comment section . . .


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