Conscious Choice: Embracing the Cold and Darkness

Last week, several of my private clients mentioned challenges with the time change, colder weather and less hours of light.  I love hibernation season, snowy days and the quiet of the night.  

And, I know I tend to be in the minority.  So I shared with them and would love to share with you my practices for embracing that which challenges me when we enter summer – the season of relentless activity, heat and bright light.  You may then apply this to entering winter if that’s challenging for you.

Seasonal Change, Conscious Choice, Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Nature as Teacher
Two of my favorite things about winter:
gorgeous cloud formations and more time with the moon!

If you’re less than thrilled as we change seasons now, would you be willing to shift your focus?  When I realized I did not want to spend a quarter of my life in sweating misery, I decided to commit to focusing on several things I love in the summer.  I got up before the sun to enjoy the coolest time of day.  I spent many hot afternoons on a blanket under a tree in the park.  I took drives in the mountains and waded in the river.  I enjoyed many jazz concerts in the park.  I ate lots of sorbet and ice cream.

What could you focus on as we enter into winter?  

  • The simple, raw beauty of a tree without leaves? 
  • Bundling up for a brisk walk or jog? 
  • The brilliant moon?  
  • Skiing or snowboarding? 
  • Taking a drive around town to enjoy Christmas lights? 
  • The amazing clouds? 
  • Pumpkin spiced lattes? 
  • Catching up on your reading? 
  • Learning a craft – quilting, wood carving, knitting? 
  • Building a snowman? 
  • Getting more sleep? 
  • Enjoying the sun on a lunchtime walk? 
  • Joining a friend for a snowmobiling expedition?  

Post your thoughts and experiences with shifting your focus in the comments section.

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