Conscious Choice: Today is

Cindy Kirchhoff has declared today “Just Be Kind” day and she tied it into Cami Walker’s “29 Gifts in 29 Days” challenge.

If you’d like an uplifting focus and a positive mental attitude for today and the next 28 days, I highly recommend taking 6 or 8 minutes now to get started . . .
Here is my gift and contribution to Kindness today:
Path of Love
May I breathe into being fully present,
offering myself unconditional
attention, acceptance, appreciation,
affection and allowing.
May I gently release
judgment, fear, control and demands.
May I offer my love to everyone this way.
May I increasingly allow and receive
all the love that comes to me.
May I feel compassion
for those who are afraid to love,
even if they are lashing out.
May all beings find and choose
this path of love.

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