Conscious Relationship: Celebrating Our Connectedness

“Today I blatantly and boldly care.”
“Today I bridge needless divides.”
“Today I sincerely desire blessings for others.”
“Today I enjoy inspired sharing.”
– Dr. Roger Teel, Spiritual Leader of Mile Hi Church

I’ve gotten away from using affirmations because in the past they have often felt trite or downright untrue.  Yesterday, in church, I became re-inspired by the power of an affirmation as a compass.

I feel excited to blatantly and boldly care!  I’m tickled when I notice an opportunity to bridge a needless divide.  I love to remember that I do sincerely desire blessings for others.  And, I was born to delight in inspired sharing!

Thank you, Dr. Roger, for highlighting these opportunities to celebrate our connectedness!

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