What Would You Like Different? Consistency Outshines Perfection.

One of my coaching clients is making big life changes. She’s taking on new work with only people she likes. She joined a new spiritual community. She’s making progress toward her ideal weight.

Recently we had a wonderful coaching conversation about the disempowerment of heading toward perfection. Since perfection is an illusive ideal, we end up feeling bad about ourselves for never getting there.

Instead, if we move toward consistency, we tend to champion ourselves more. “Well, even though I’d love to walk every day, I DID walk 6 days this week and 24 days in this past month. Hey, I’m walking again!”

What Would You Like Different?  Consistency Outshines Perfection.

I’m in a steep learning curve myself right now – learning how to connect with more of my ideal clients on LinkedIn. For years I’ve thought it was possible, but I didn’t know how. So I’m taking a course and dedicating an hour a day to my studying and implementation.

I’m not nearly as proficient as I’d like yet, AND I’m making progress almost every day! I love paying attention to my consistent progress.

So, what about you? What would you love different in your life or work? How might you allow consistency to work for you?

5 thoughts on “What Would You Like Different? Consistency Outshines Perfection.”

  1. Ken, I am thrilled that this raised red flags for you! Now you’ve given me something to think about.

    Is consistency the same as habit-bound, the same as routinize without consciousness, without being present?

    Or, can consistency be filled with consciousness and presence, supporting our greatest desires?

    Hmmmm . . . 🙂

  2. Wow, this one raises red flags for me. I am all for making steps toward what we want, and I think that is the heart of your point. Certainly some effort toward is better than feeling bad about being imperfect.

    And, consistency as a goal is scary to me. I believe I am better off being willing to be inconsistent rather than habit-bound.

    I suppose it is all relative. Maybe consistency is an improvement for those who are overly inconsistent, while loosening up is an improvement for those who are habit-bound.

    As in your other posts, thanks for giving me reason to consider what matters to me.

  3. Wow Mary, how great is that? Imagine a few weeks from now, a few months from now, a few years from now, what a difference your imperfect, yet consistent commitment would make in how much money you raised and how many people you helped . . .

    You know what’s funny, in the StrengthsFinder assessment, Consistency is my 34th of 34 strengths. As I was writing this blog post, I became curious as to why Consistency is supporting me so beautifully. I realized it’s because of my commitment to helping more people be more fully themselves and make their unique contributions to the planet. (My Maximizer, Connectedness, Indivdualization and Activator at work!)

    And there YOU go – being more fully you and making your unique contribution to the planet!!!


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