How Can We Cultivate Ill-Tended Seeds of Justice for All?

Sunday is Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday. His dream involved nonviolence, justice and equality, social and political reform.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr

This year, more than ever, I feel determined to See, Know and Create a world of Love. Despite outward appearances.

Today, it can look like we are so far from that. So, it’s imperative we live his dream.

 How Can We Cultivate Ill-Tended Seeds of Justice for All?

The Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial in Denver, Colorado. The irony of the fog is not lost on me. And still, we must continue to Create a world where his dream becomes a reality for All.

My dream involves activating each and all of us in coming to know that we are Love. And, that we are One. Looking beyond our differences to our shared humanity.

I fiercely hold the vision of this person in front of me loving and valuing themselves, no matter what. And in turn, loving and valuing those around them. Each of us together Creating a world of Love that dissolves any seeming division.

Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr. for planting the seeds of your big dream. It’s now up to us to cultivate those seeds, regardless of how ill-tended they may have been until this moment.

I’d love your comments and insights below.

4 thoughts on “How Can We Cultivate Ill-Tended Seeds of Justice for All?”

  1. Ken, “A Course of Love tells us,” “You created in response to “reality” rather than creating reality. Now you are called to create reality – a new reality.”

    Me and the women in my study group have come to realize that “A Course of Love” is a playbook for our time right now.

    Yes, yes, yes, let’s to honor Martin Luther King, Jr with our actions.

  2. Janet, in one of my advanced StrengthsFinder trainings, my instructor used MLK as a shining example of the strength of Activator in its full glory. For all those of us who are refining great use of Activator, I love having MLK as our role model!

  3. Thanks Ann!
    Let’s breathe and radiate love!
    I have always been a big fan of MLK and nonviolence — thanks for spreading the word!
    Peace and love,

  4. Despite all the hoopla on the news, I believe the world is in a far better place currently than ever before, at least in modern history. Even Trump notwithstanding….

    There is so much more love out there, so much more focus on the importance of love, so many more teaching love. I bet our grandparents didn’t have even a tenth of the exposure we do.

    And yes, let’s do focus even more. Let’s do honor MLK by our actions.


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