Deepening spiritual awareness while slenderizing (day 2)

In my fourth month of practicing kundalini yoga, I find myself extremely physically challenged. And humbled by being so bad! Yet, every time I’m rolling up my mat to go home, I know I have surrendered to some deeper spiritual awareness. Strangely, I’m not entirely sure what that means . . .

I just know I must keep going – for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. In the process of this spiritual awakening, I’m losing weight and belly fat!

Today, my teacher actually told me to get a hold of myself when I fell over while attempting a pose. She’s usually nurturing and encouraging, so I don’t know where that came from. Oddly, it didn’t offend me or hurt my feelings. And, I knew I would not be getting much together any time soon!

Ah, the rocky road to enlightenment . . .

Hey, I always thought that meant I would be more radiant. Maybe it means I’ll weigh less, too?!?

2 thoughts on “Deepening spiritual awareness while slenderizing (day 2)”

  1. Brenda, this one and your response make me laugh out loud. In my sixth year of kundalini yoga, I sometimes replace repeating Sat Nam with F*** This. And I do the work while cursing. And, I’ve been at my ideal weight for some time – 26 pounds lighter than when I wrote this original post! How’s that for deepening my spiritual awareness.

    I am thrilled for you to join in this journey on your own rocky road to enlightenment! Ah, to our humanness AND our divinity. . .

  2. This post makes me smile. I love it when people share publicly their stumbles, their fumbles, and their oops. I get so tired of the facebook life, the selective scenes of “my wonderful life.” I can picture your tumble in yoga class, I have definitely been the one falling over. And the slip of the instructor to tell you to get ahold of yourself or maybe those were the perfect supportive words, if listened to a certain way. I join you in my own rocky road to enlightenment. Namaste.


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