Discovering Your Way: In Divine Flow

Recently my coach asked me if I was willing to surrender what I thought needed to happen. I immediately replied, “I would love to surrender.” And, before she spoke, I could feel the “But . . .” inside me.

My ego says, “If you surrender, you will die. You MUST fight for your life.” What it really means: I, the ego will “die,” take a back seat. I, the ego, must fight to stay in charge.

This no longer works for me. I am no longer willing to be a slave to my ego. So, I wrote a prayer to serve as a bit of a compass . . .

In Divine Flow

In the God Flow

I listen and follow,
Rather than plan and demand.

I stop searching my mind’s hard drive
And instead follow the God pulse.

When my heart and soul, body and mind align,
I know I am in the God flow.

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2 comments to Discovering Your Way: In Divine Flow

  • Lovely, Anne! Control is an illusion, mostly. Surrendering feels difficult and it’s actually the most gentle way of being for my own peace.

    • Ann Strong

      Charrise, isn’t that so true – control is mostly an illusion and comes at such a high price. I love that you’ve noticed the connection between surrendering and peace. Thank you for sharing!

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