How to Elevate Your Thoughts for a Happier Life

As human beings we have thinking as a distinction from other animals. Most of us clearly understand that our thinking sets us apart. And yet, few of us seem to understand that we have the ability to “think” in two radically different ways.

Most of our thinking is repetitive, regurgitated and anxiety-provoking. Did I lock the house? Why can’t I seem to I get to work on time? My hair looks like hell. What did he mean when he said . . . ? I don’t ever seem to be able to keep track of the money in the account. I don’t want to deal with my mother. I’m sick of . . . When will I get a handle on . . . ? Why can’t I . . . ? How am I doing? There I go again, me with my big mouth. I hate . . . I wish she would . . . Isn’t it ever going to be my turn?
Regurgitated thought.

And then, we have these wonderful, perhaps far too rare, moments of quiet mind. Without the clutter of regurgitated thinking, we suddenly have a brilliant idea. Maybe while taking a shower, hiking through the woods, watching the ocean or playing with the kids or grandkids. Handed to us straight from the Divine. Often eliciting excitement and peace at the same time.
Inspired thought.

My mind tends to settle down and become more spacious when  I hang out with the clouds.
My mind tends to settle down and become more spacious when
I hang out with the clouds.

Lest you start to notice regurgitated thinking and start judging yourself for it, simply notice that the judgment is also regurgitated thinking. And smile. Ah, to be human.

Awareness shifts everything. As we become aware of regurgitated thought, it tends to loosen its grip. Awareness helps us refrain from decision-making until our mind quiets. We also naturally tend to move toward more activities that create space for inspired thought.

More spaciousness in our head for inspired thought and less attention on regurgitated thought naturally conspire for a happier life . . .

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within: Simple perceptions and practices for returning to the joy of you”)

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