Find Your Strongest Life: Singing Me to Her

I remember a line from a song in the Dances of Universal Peace, “Mother Earth God, she is calling me . . .” and a line from the movie, Australia, “I will sing you to me.”

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What would it take for me to hear Her song more?

Well, the New Mexico land sings me to Her.  Recently, I’ve heard the song for a while and wasn’t finding time in my schedule to answer her call.  So She spontaneously cleared my schedule for a few days!

I just got back from Taos two nights ago.

What I noticed being there: she sings me to Her because I am a stronger version of me when I’m there.  I am in tune with myself, the natural rhythm of my life and of Life itself.  I am aligned with both my spiritual Self and my human self.  Whole.  Needing nothing.  Being.  Present.  Breathing deeper.  And taking in the incredible nurturance of the Earth herself.

Ah . . . . . . . . . .

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Ah, the melodies of the trees, the clouds, the sky . . .

I lived there for two years in 1999 – 2000.  I get the sense that I will be living there again.  Maybe sooner than I imagine.  Certainly, I will listen for and follow her song more . . .

What about you?  What calls you?  What puts you in tune with yourself, the natural rhythm of your life and of Life itself?  What aligns you with both your spiritual Self and your human self?

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The path home . . .

Post your comments, insights and progress below.

Thank you for playing with me today!


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4 comments to Find Your Strongest Life: Singing Me to Her

  • Ann Strong

    Mary, I am struck by your courage and your trust. And, I can only imagine the amazing miracles that unfold because you were willing to surrender to the wisdom of Your Team. Thank you so much for raising the bar for me!

  • Mary

    As a singer, I’m often asked to sing for friend’s events – I almost never “plan” what song I will do. I show up in the space with the people and listen for what I’m being “asked” to sing. It’s a profound and humbling relationship with the energies I call My Team….and I LOVE it.

  • Ann Strong

    Brenda, thank you so much for being willing to share this piece you wrote about home!

  • Brenda

    “The path home”…and “I will sing you to me.” Two wonderful phrases to describe the journey home, as if there is a path, if only I can find the beginning, the rest will show me the way. And if I listen closely, it will sing me home. Here is something I wrote to describe the place called home:

    A Place to Come To

    A place for me
    To sit by the window letting the light in, breathing
    the light in
    To sleep safely
    To study, learn
    To practice what I am learning
    To share hearts, stories, touch
    To pray and listen to the wisdom

    A place for others
    To feel welcome, embraced
    To share stories, dreams, and sorrows
    To eat, drink and be merry

    by Brenda Newberry

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