What Happens When We Get Out of Our Boxes and Connect?

This week, I’m happy to share a Danish video, Three Beautiful Human Minutes, about how easily we put people in boxes and what we might do instead . . .

Click the image below to watch the video.

3 Beautiful Human Minutes

After you watch the video, I’d love to know what it sparks for you . . .

3 thoughts on “What Happens When We Get Out of Our Boxes and Connect?”

  1. Robin, thank you for so beautifully articulating what I too feel, but had not quite been able to put into words. What a brilliant idea to do this in schools. 🙂

    I deeply appreciate the bright light who you are and your clear, compassionate writing.

  2. Dear Ann, I LOVE this video and saw it few weeks back, but had to watch it again. I find it profoundly moving. I find the people in it incredibly courageous. I am moved to my core by an almost intangible emotion (in that I can’t quite put it in words), yet it is an intensely powerful emotion in myself and in the room where all the people start to connect.

    It made me think how this ought to be an exercise or experience that is done in high schools and colleges, maybe even younger, to help dispel prejudices and judgments and even hate toward others.

    This video really gets down to the core of our humanity, where in truth—although we are each unique—we are all the same, where start to see in others that they too can feel “different”, or alone, or judged, or “less than”, or left out, or unloved, and so on.

    I love the deeply….almost gentle….intimacy of this video. I loved how they clapped for the lone young man who was bisexual. And how the little boy cried when they who has been bullied. Oh my word, if we could all love like this, and see our common humanity and our need to be seen, accepted and love, what a world this would be. I pray those days will come…. Much, much love to you. Robin E.

  3. What I noticed watching this video: my heart just opened. I love every person in this video. It made me realize that when I automatically put someone in a box when I look at them, then I close my heart because I think I know they “aren’t like me.”

    And yet, I believe we are all One, we are all connected. Perhaps the next time I’m out and about and I see someone I think isn’t like me, I might remember to open my heart in spite of my “judgments.”

    I might remember that they too love and hurt and have aspirations and judgments . . .


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