Happiness: Have You Gotten Outside Today?

While I’m taking some extra personal retreat time this week, I thought I’d share with you some of the spectacular Colorado beauty that this autumn offers.

In what way do you most enjoy being outdoors? 

How can you give yourself that gift today?

Here are four of my favorite Colorado pictures that I’ve taken in the last ten days.

Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Nature as Teacher.
September sunrise from South Park, Colorado,
looking towards Pikes Peak.


nature as teacher, happiness, spiritual growth
Aspens and evergreens against a Colorado blue sky
in late September.

Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Nature as Teacher.
Looking towards Longs Peak from the Colorado
Peak to Peak Highway in late September.

Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Nature as Teacher.
Late September autumn color along the Peak to Peak Highway,
high in the Colorado Rockies.


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