Happiness: The Most Important “Skill” for Business Owners

During a LinkedIn discussion for business coaches who coach entrepreneurs, I came across the question: “What is the single most important skill for business owners?” 57 coaches had already answered the question with replies like focus, marketing skills, leadership, emotional intelligence and seizing opportunities.

Hmmm, I pondered, “Is there truly a single most important skill?”  And then I realized what foundation is essential for every one of those 57 skills.

The most important “skill” for business owners:
A life-long commitment to peeling away all the limiting beliefs, perspectives and habits that get in the way of naturally growing your business from your full, radiant self.

The sunflower does not ask, “What is the most important skill I need for me to do my business here on the planet?” It simply does its business because it isn’t encumbered with human beliefs, perspectives and habits that keep it from naturally growing into its best self.

The less limiting beliefs, perspectives and habits we have, the more we naturally focus, market, lead, play well with others and seize opportunities.  

What daily practices do you engage in to consistently and consciously peel away all that stands between you and your natural brilliance?

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The most important “skill” for you as a business owner involves whatever daily spiritual practice most supports you in peeling away the limiting beliefs, perspectives and habits stands between you and the best of you.


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– Tama Kieves
Author of “This Time I Dance: Creating the Work You Love”

“Thriving Work” serves as a guide and companion to moving beyond limiting beliefs, perspectives and habits to more consistently and consciously choosing to live and work from your naturally radiant self:

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