How Might Both/And Encourage a Rich Life?

“No wholeness will be possible for you while you compartmentalize your life into designated pieces giving yourself time for work and time for leisure and seeing them not as the same thing. Life is life. Life is. As love is.

Life is service to God. God is service to life. You are God in life. Thus you are both life and service to life, both God and service to God. All of the vast universe was created the same: to live and to serve life, to be of God and be of service to God. To be served and to serve. To be provided for and to provide. To have needs met and to meet needs. This circular nature of the universe leaves no one unattended.”

~ Mari Perron, First Receiver
    A Course of Love

One of my favorite coaching distinctions is Both/And instead of Either/Or. And, lately, it seems like much of my life is calling me to embrace All. Last week I wrote about embracing both “good” and “bad” and everything in between.

This week, A Course of Love is speaking to me loudly and clearly. I am both God and service to God. I am both living and serving life. I am both provided for and providing.

To the Infinite Wholeness of Life!
To the Infinite Wholeness of Life!

I’ve come a long way since the black and white thinking of my teens and early adult years. I’m grateful.

Last week, as I noticed how embracing good, bad and in-between caused me to relax, so too does embracing myself as God and in service to God.

I have less to sift through, less to figure out, less to try to control. I feel less pressured and more accepting. It feels amazing.

What about you? What are you hearing in this? What is showing up in your life right now?

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within: Simple perceptions and practices for returning to the joy of you”)

2 thoughts on “How Might Both/And Encourage a Rich Life?”

  1. It’s so funny – I created the graphic both circular and infinite and didn’t even realize my words were describing something circular! I love the Circular, Infinite Wholeness and I love to count and categorize things. That must be part of the Wholeness, too. And, it seems like it might be good not to count and categorize giving and receiving or being God and serving God. Hmmm… Still a bit beyond my grasp… And, worthy of being with…

  2. This circular nature of things reminds me of the circular nature of giving and receiving, and the way that they are the same. Hmmm.


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