I Didn’t Know How to Integrate

I’ve had a lot going on this week. New work. Meeting new people. Two emotional family situations. Spending time with a new man. More volunteering at church.

And then this poem for my new book came to me . . .

White horse of Camargue free in the swamp

This guy seems to have mastered Settling Down.

Settling Down

Less thoughts.
Deeper breaths.

Less contraction.
Greater expansion.

Less restriction.
More freedom.

Less figuring out
who to be,
how to be.
Actually being.

Less judgment.
Expanding openness.

Less agitation.
Bigger love.

Less all-over-the-place.
More present.

Less concerns.
Many blessings.

Less in my head.
More in my body.

Less me.
More Divine me.

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within.”)

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5 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know How to Integrate”

  1. Janet and Dawn, I love to know that something that comes through me is for you, too! “Beautiful” is one of my favorite acknowledgements.


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