Join me to share this Sacred Women’s Circle

An invitation for you radiant women
in the metro Denver area . . .

A couple weeks ago, I invited you to join me and Gina Garris for our first So Purkh Women’s Circle.  We had 21 radiant women in that first Circle.  It moved me to tears.

I am so excited to invite you again because we are having our second Circle this Thursday.

I’ve also attached a flyer with dates for the Circles we will have twice a month for the remainder of 2013.

I am on day 15 of my second 40-day meditation.  If you choose, you could begin your own 40 days with the women who join us for the first time on Thursday.

Back in June and July, my first 40 days were magical – joyous and uplifting. 

My first 15 days this time around have been challenging.  It’s bringing up deep stuff about standing in my own power (and how I haven’t).  It’s also clearing painful stuff between me and my sweetie.  Not fun, not pretty.  Super empowering.  And humbling.  And I trust the process – even when I don’t like it.

If you choose to join us, I don’t know what your process will be.  I do know that whatever it is, it will call you to more of your own Truth and radiance – however that is best done for you!

If you feel called or curious, do join us.

So Purkh Women's Circle

Thursday • Sept 26, 2013 • 7 to 8:30 pm

Access the flyer here for all the details.

To Love and Truth,

P.S. So Purkh is for all women – pray for up to 3 men in your life, clear your own karma with men and manifest the highest caliber of man to serve with you and your shared destiny.  Each woman’s experience serves her own soul’s path.


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