Listening through Your Body

One of the core components of living Strong from Within involves developing and nurturing an intimate relationship with our body.

Until October of 2008, I didn’t know my body or listen to my body. I had no idea my body had wisdom to share.

Today, I know that my body always knows. My body doesn’t lie. And, it isn’t just body stuff that my body knows. She serves as a reliable guidance system for everything in my life, if I tune into her.

Oh, the joy when we tune in and listen to our body and through our body . . .
Oh, the joy when we tune in and listen to our body and through our body . . .

Since October of 2008, I have learned to listen to my body, primarily through my practice of kundalini yoga. I am forever grateful for this practice that awakened me to the body of me.

Recently, I have also been practicing Qoya, a movement system based on the idea that through movement we remember our essence as women is wise, wild and free.

One of my favorite reasons for practicing Qoya is that the creator, Rochelle Schieck, says over and over again, “The way you know you’re doing it right is if it feels good.” What a life-affirming reminder.

Experiencing is so much more powerful than reading about . . .

Give yourself the gift of 14 minutes to experience Qoya with Rochelle.

I notice I hear my body speak in several ways. I feel if something feels good. Or it doesn’t. I often receive insights and inspiration after finishing Qoya. Also, the qualities I play with during Qoya – open-heartedness, softening, slowing down, receiving, sinking in and many more – are showing up in my life, too.

There are as many ways to access our body wisdom as there are bodies on the planet. How have you been listening through your body? Might you be interested in listening more deeply or more consistently? Is a new way calling you?

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within.”)

I would love your thoughts and responses. Post comments and insights below . . .

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