Meditation Tips and Affirmative Prayer: Standing in the Center of Me

Thank you to everyone on the Thriving Coaches Roundtable today who asked for a copy of this meditation, affirmative prayer, opening for our gathering.

So, I have now publically commited to having the published book of these meditations, affirmative prayers, openings, centerings available to purchase by Christmas.  Thank you so much for all of your encouragement!

Meditations tips: Feel free to use this piece and the others listed under “Mediation Tips” on this blog in any way that serves you and your clients . . .


Standing in the Center of Me

I’ve been tempted to step to the right
when I suspected that’s what he wanted me to do.

I’ve talked longer than I wanted because
I thought she would like me more.

I waltzed way over to the left
before I caught myself trying to please.

I’ve bent over backwards
until I noticed how much it hurt.

I agreed to projects that didn’t inspire me
because I thought I needed the money.

And, then it occurred to me:
all these contortions cause a lot of confusion.

Left to the whim of what I think you want me to be,
or what I believe she wants me to say or
what I hope he wants me to do,
then I am lost.

So I consciously choose to step back into the center of me.

In any moment, I choose based on how it feels to me.

Do I feel alive?
On purpose?
Of service?

This is the center of me.

Do I feel less than?
Not enough?

This is me attempting someone else’s dance,
attempting to stand in the center of something other than me.

Yet, there is no something else.

I can either stand in the center of me,
or deprive the world of my Self.

So, I choose now
to stand in the center of me.

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