Mindfulness: The Source of Suffering and Happiness

“Our level of awareness at any given moment determines the quality of our experience.”
– Michael Neill
From the book, The Inside Out Revolution

A few days ago, I woke up in a low mood, feeling a little anxious. Immediately, I started searching my mind for the cause. And then I caught myself.

I know that my thinking causes my moods. And, I am still sometimes tempted to believe that some outside circumstance caused me to feel blue.

So, I discontinued searching my mental hard drive and got about my day. A couple of hours later, after I had finished working with a coaching client, I noticed that the low mood had vanished.

I had to smile. Of course it had. Whenever I work with a client, I experience life from a higher state of awareness. I consciously structure our time together to make sure of that.

Even if I’m in a low mood when the client calls, I shift before we begin our work. I ask them if they want to leave anything outside the door. I’ve already noticed inside me if I want to leave anything outside the door.

How liberating to realize that my own thoughts and my own level of  awareness create my suffering or my happiness . . .
How liberating to realize that my own thoughts and my own
level of awareness create my suffering or my happiness . . .

Then, I create a new space for both of us to experience a higher state of awareness. I lead us through a formal opening for our time together.

How I do that depends on the client. It could be as simple as taking two deep breaths together. Or, we might listen to one note on a chime until it dissipates. Or, I’ll lead us through an affirmative prayer or draw a Soul Coaching card for them.

So, after working with my client, I felt great. I was experiencing a high mood. And, when I thought about the things that I had thought about from the low mood, I had an entirely different perspective.

From my low mood, taking the car for an oil change felt like a burden. From my high mood, I felt great about taking good care of the car and happy I found an excellent mechanic in Santa Fe.

From my low mood, I felt cranky about having to write metatags for my new website. After working with my client, I felt excited to get them written, because they would help more people find my website.

And the list goes on. You get the idea. An oil change or meta tags don’t cause my suffering or my happiness. My own thoughts and my own level of awareness create my suffering or my happiness.

I love to use tools, like the formal opening for coaching sessions, to keep my awareness level high.

What about you? If tools are fun and helpful for you, too,
I’m so excited to share a package of three tools with you:

Oak Tree

Strong from Within, 1 – The Quick Audio Package
(3 recordings)
All recordings by Ann Strong

  1.  You Are a Fountain of Blessings
      5-minute meditation
  2.  Divine Authority
      2-minute affirmative prayer
  3.  Source
      1-minute reality reminder

I found a wonderful platform from which to share this package. It allows you to name your price – even free!

My suggested price is $6.75 for the package of 3. And, if you don’t want to use your credit card on the Internet or your personal development account is taxed, then please accept this package as my gift!

I received feedback from several people a couple of weeks ago that naming your price made them nervous. How do they know if it’s worth $6.75 or $50.00? If they don’t pay, will I judge them? I totally hear you.

If you’re thinking something like that, please don’t deny yourself these wonderful recordings – get them as my gift. I not only won’t judge you, I will be thrill to be of service to you!

And, if you’d like, drop me a line about your thought process so that I can make them super accessible to anyone who wants them.

For further details, to purchase and for immediate download, click here.

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