Discovering Your Way: How Do We Allow Ourselves to Receive Without Feeling Like a Taker?

Two of my coaching clients are working on receiving more. They’ve been life-long givers and prone to burnout as we talked about in last week’s Strong Notes. Recently one of them shared with me that she doesn’t easily receive because then she feels like a taker.

As I often do when I’m digging deep with a human issue, I went to the dictionary. The first definition of receive, “to take into one’s possession (something offered or delivered): to receive many gifts.” No wonder she felt like a taker. According to the dictionary, she was a taker.

So what does the dictionary say about taking? First definition, “to get into one’s hold or possession by voluntary action: to take a pen and begin to write.” What caught my attention was “voluntary action.” We often tend to associate taking with extracting, taking something from someone against their will.

So, what if we drop all the thinking and judging? What if we don’t label taking as bad? What if we are present in the moment and fully receive whatever is given? What if we take in the present moment and whatever it gives us?

Ahhhhhh, to take in the glory of this sunset!  What would it take to allow ourselves to be takers?
Ahhhhhh, to take in the glory of this sunset! What
would it take to allow ourselves to be takers?

What if we take in all life has to offer and no one else goes without? WHAT IF taking is the same beautiful act of love as giving?!?

Post your comments and insights below.


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