Self Acceptance: Follow Your Excitement

When you feel overwhelmed, with too many options, how do you choose?  Try following your excitement.  When you look at all of your choices, which one excites you the most?  Which one makes you feel the most alive, the most energized?

Deep inside, you know what is best for you.  One of the ways our intuition communicates with us involves the energy of our excitement.  Pay attention to what things energize you and what things drain you.  Notice when you are thriving and when you are wilting.  Then, move toward what energizes you, causes you to thrive and away from what drains you, causes you to wilt.  It really is that simple. 

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You naturally increase your self acceptance
as you make choices most true to you.

Now, at first it may not seem easy.  You may feel concerned about hurting someone’s feelings or you may not want to renegotiate a commitment.  Give yourself permission to take care of yourself before you take care of others.  As you take better care of yourself, you’ll increase your capacity to spend time with others in meaningful ways, rather than out of obligation.

As you more consistently follow your excitement, you’ll have more energy, you’ll feel more peaceful and you’ll experience greater happiness because you have chosen to honor your true path.  

Would you willingly risk not satisfying the perceived expectations of others to gain the deep contentment that comes from living life in the best way for you?

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