Pilot Program:

Strong from Within . . .
A Transformation Forum
with Ann Strong

Imagine . . .

Feeling good about you.

Taking great care of yourself.

Making time for what’s important to you.

Contributing what you’re here to contribute.

Living your brilliance.  And loving it.

Making good money consistently.  And managing it well.

Living a life that fits you.   And uplifts you.

Creating loving and strong relationships.

Coaching helps bring all that, and more, into reality.

I coach amazing people.

They do what it takes. They forgive themselves when needed.

They’re courageous. They create themselves, their lives and their work anew.

They dedicate time to the foundational relationships with their Source and with themselves.

They redesign their business or their work to fit their strengths and values.

They naturally and significantly reduce drinking, judging, procrastinating, criticizing, blaming . . .

They get clear, set boundaries, start exercising, do their spiritual practice, treat themselves well . . .

  How does coaching facilitate all of this?

It changes how you see the world.

It increases your awareness.  Which dramatically increases your options.

It teaches a better relationship with your thinking and your emotions.

It focuses on developing your strengths into your brilliance. It doesn’t focus on weaknesses or problems.

It inspires consistent action. As you make and keep commitments, results follow.

It’s a transformational process and you are The Transformed!


About your coach . . .

I’ve been a Spiritual Business and Life Coach for for 20 years.

I’m a gifted StrengthsFinder® coach.

My Genius involves seeing your specific Genius and holding that vision for you until you clearly see, own and live it yourself.

I’ve been self-employed my whole life.

I champion loving and embracing our humanness and living and radiating our Divinity.

I’ve combined all of this into one ongoing, transformational group coaching and self-coaching program . . .


All the details

Here’s how it works…

First, you enroll by clicking one of the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Then, you get immediate access to the Coaching and Self-Coaching Forum Module 1: Foundation.

From then on, the magic happens on Tuesdays.

Live coaching integration forums take place on the 1st,  2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of every month.
7 pm ET / 6 pm CT / 5 pm MT / 4 pm PT.
All forums are 35 – 45 minutes.

You do not need to attend live to receive value.
All forums are recorded and downloadable within 24 hours.

They all include coaching of participants and Q&A.

At the beginning of each month, you will have access to the next of the 9 modules.  Once you’ve worked through the material in all 9 modules, you’ll periodically receive a chapter, a tool, a meditation, a worksheet, a reading or some other delightfully supportive surprise.

If you choose the Plus Private Coaching option:
You receive everything listed above Plus you’ll also have one-on-one access to me for private, one-on one coaching twice a month and support throughout the month, as needed.

Investment options

This coaching program is designed for clients who want lasting change.

Lasting change happens by committing time to YOU.

Coaching is month to month.

Payment by debit or credit card happens automatically monthly.

To fundamentally change habits and receive the most value, I recommend you commit for at least a year.

Your investment is just $195/month.

Or, if you prefer to commit to the year now, you’ll receive almost two months for free by making a one-time payment today of just $1,985.

Your Plus Private Coaching investment is $495/month.
Includes two 30 – 35 minute one-on-one coaching sessions plus one-on-one support throughout the month, as needed.

Or, if you prefer to commit to the year now, you’ll receive almost two months for free by making a one-time payment today of just $5,145.

(I don’t offer refunds for previous or partial months.  And, you know you best – you may cancel any time you feel complete.  Once you’ve given your notice, you may finish with the program until your last month is complete.  You will not be billed again once you cancel.)


Huge Congratulations!!!

Your life is about to transform.

You are the One.

And, I am your mentor, guide and royal advisor.

Let us begin . . .

Enroll by clicking one of the buttons below.

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What some of Ann’s clients and participants in the Thriving Work Working Book Club have had to say about having Ann as their mentor and guide . . .

“Ann’s presence never ceases to amaze me. Her ability to hold space for each of us individually, as well as for the entire group was beautiful. I was astonished at the depth of individual coaching on each call, and the magic of how the coaching so often resonated with everyone in the group. If you are looking for some consistency, or need a little nudge, this is the perfect opportunity. And…the prayers are phenomenal! Thank you, Ann, for all you are and all you do!”
Gina Garris, Sexual Healer & Empowerment Coach, Denver, CO

“In just 90 days, I went from working an uninspiring job working for someone else, to ‘Hey, I CAN do my own thing and thrive!’ This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years!”
~ Dev Darshan Haeg, Luminous, Denver, CO

“The book Thriving Work by Ann Strong was amazing, thought-provoking and uplifting. The group gave thoughtful feedback about the book and helped reinforce the chapters. The feedback gave me even more food for thought. As a result of absorbing the material, I have started to think of me being part of the divine or that the divine is part of me. It has made me bolder and somehow more satisfied. Well worth the time.”
~ Michele Cederquist, Life Coach, Recovery Life Coach, NY, NY

“This is a beautiful and thoughtful exploration into how to achieve the desired results in our communications with others, especially with prospective clients, from a heart-centered intention. I recommend it highly; you can’t help but experience growth!”
~ Ken Shaw, Santa Fe Homeowning Solutions LLC, Santa Fe, NM

“Ann’s book club based on her book Thriving Work is a mindful, thought and action provoking process. I’ve enjoyed the weekly calls where we all have input and Ann’s amazing coaching.”
~ Janet Bergin, Branding Specialist, Empower Your Awesomeness,
Cañon City, CO

“It’s amazing what can happen in 30 minutes with Ann – she has a presence and wisdom that hones in and touches the core of the matter with just a few sentences. Her patience and acceptance provide a safe place to go deep and make real changes. And in all of that, she’s real, personable and fun. The guided trip through the book is a fantastic journey to a truly potent you.”
~ Ephraim Mallery, The Joy Specialist, http://modernhedonist.com/, Denver, CO

“Ann’s commitment to helping others grow and utilize their strengths is phenomenal. Countless times I listened to this interaction between her and others on the recordings. I love that she is extremely knowledgeable in StrengthsFinder® and employs this in her coaching. Her book will help me when I establish my own business in the near future. Gratitude to you, Ann!”
~ Marolynne Webb, Cañon City, CO
(Note from Ann: Even though Marolynne’s work schedule didn’t allow her to attend any of the calls live, she was able to receive good value from the recordings and Facebook group!)

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Feel free to email or call Ann at 720.312.8737.