Spiritual awakening: Embracing change

Since I have tended to like things to stay the same, today I’ve decided to consciously change my relationship with change! In the past (quite recent past, actually), I’ve had a tendency to love having the same friends, car, vacation spot, phone, clients, coffee drink, and hairstyle for many, many years.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t.  When it doesn’t, I tend to get cranky or super cranky!

Lately, I’ve noticed things seem to be changing waaaaaay faster than they used to.  Businesses come and go, the nature of my friendships change frequently, I need to learn new technology every day, my deli changes the dressing they put on my Italian sub, clients want different kinds of support, my toothpaste company quits making my flavor.  I’ve grown a bit weary of cranky and super cranky, so I’ve made up a new inquiry for spiritual awakening.

Instead of doing what I’ve always done, I’m checking in with my intuition more.  What would feel great in this moment?  Would I most love an Italian sub or does something else on the menu sound even better for me in this moment?  How does this new phone serve me better than the old one now?  What color feels energizing for me to wear today?  Which new client program would I like to offer now?

I’ve noticed that my own spiritual awakening involves opening myself to whole new ways of perceiving situations, seeing with fresh eyes, allowing myself not to just adapt, but rather to thrive.  Who knew I could love Twitter?

And, if all else fails, loving what is, as Byron Katie would say.  “What, it’s raining again?  It’s not suppose to rain this much in Colorado!”  Ah, loving what is . . .

I’m thinking that change is pretty much guaranteed!  So, I’ve made the very wise decision that I’d rather embrace it and flow with it, rather than fight it.


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