Spiritual awareness: Looking for “the way”

Often, when I start working with a new coaching client, they are looking for “the way.”  The way to get more clients, the way to feel more confident, the way to less overwhelm, the way to take better care of themselves or even the way to accept credit cards from their clients.

And, I remember when I hired one of my first and most expensive coaches, I hired her to learn the way, her way, to get new clients.  I paid her many thousands of dollars and did not learn the way.  I learned the hard and expensive way that asking to learn the way is not the best question – for anything from getting new clients to improving my yoga to cooking a delicious meal.  The way is different for every person.  My pricey coach’s way was not my way.  My way is not your way.

An effective approach to finding your way involves:

  • setting a clear intention: getting new clients, improving yoga or cooking a delicious meal
  • noticing where my excitement and energy is as it pertains to that intention
  • following that excitement, energy
  • course-correcting as the excitement and energy shifts and I get new feedback
  • Staying aware of the intention, the excitement and energy and the feedback until I have reached my intention

The trick to this far more effective approach involves not being swayed by thinking someone else has a better answer for you than you have for yourself.  By following your intuition, instinct, knowing, excitement and energy in each moment, you will always have the very best way for you.  If you try to follow someone else’s way, even a way that worked brilliantly for them, you have veered from your own unique compass.

Once we begin to recognize that following a formula is far less effective than being fully present in the moment, we begin to tap into the pure magic available to us in that moment.

I would love to hear your stories of following your way in the moment . . .


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