Spiritual Awareness: The People Closest to You

I once read that our personal financial situation is a reflection of the personal financial situation of the five people to whom we are the closest.  I don’t know if that’s true for everyone.  It has tended to be true for me.  And, I’ve noticed it to be true in other areas of my life as well – the people with whom I spend the most time have a huge impact on all areas of my life.

Spiritual awareness: how the people closest to me affect me.
Me with two of my five closest people. On the left: my niece, Alisha. On the right: my sister and Alisha’s mother, Cathy.

Is that true for you, as well?

If so, it follows that it would serve us to have clarity about who we allow into our inner circle.  How does this person influence me day to day?

If we notice a particular person not only doesn’t add to our lives, but actually tends to drain us, how can we be more proactive about shifting the nature of our interaction or moving them out of our inner circle?

And, if a particular person tends to enrich us and our lives and we tend to enrich them and theirs, how can we deeply nurture and nourish that relationship?

The overall quality and nature of our closest relationships dramatically influences the overall quality of our lives and our businesses.  What one thing could you do today to better serve one of your primary relationships?  

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