Spiritual Growth: Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Here in the northern hemisphere, the darkest day of the year is amplified this year by the lunar eclipse that begins tonight, Monday, December 20, at 10:27 pm MT.  This is the first solstice lunar eclipse since 1554!  Nature is offering us a rare, powerful opportunity to use her lunar and solar energy to co-create the world we desire.

Take some time tonight and tomorrow on the Winter Solstice for positive prayer, ritual, meditation, reflection and contemplation.

Spiritual growth of using the energy of the Solstice Lunar Eclipse to bring our desires into reality
Using the energy of the Solstice Lunar Eclipse and the Winter Solstice to bring greater awareness of peace, love and connection to our actions . . .

Make beauty, make love, make music, make new heart-centered ways of being.  Send blessings to those around you and all around the world.

As we welcome a new season, a new year, a new decade; may we consciously choose new ways of thinking, new ways of being, new ways of acting.  

– Love
– Peace
– Acceptance
– Openness
– Connection
– Joy
– Abundance
– Courage
– Lightness
– Laughter
– Harmony
– Ease

Refraining from:
– Fear
– Conflict
– Judgment
– Close-mindedness
– Separation
– Rejection
– Scarcity
– Safety
– Heaviness
– Seriousness
– Dis-ease
– Struggle

Use this powerful time of transition and change to make positive plans for you and your life and to hold a new vision for the world . . .

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Growth: Solstice Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Selem Alïkoum , ce matin je me suis lever en retard a 5h30 la ou j’habite l’imsek est jusqu’as 5heure , je suis mariee et j’ai dormi avec jenaba en me levant ce matin en retard j’ai manger un gateau , bu de l’eau et me suis precipitee pour faire ma grande douche . J’aimerais savoir s’il vous plait si je devrais pattrapper ce jour ? Dois je rompre le jeune ou bien le jeune est il pris en compte ? Barak’allah ou fikoum .


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