Spiritual Growth: Stable and Secure

The desire for stability and security seems to be in the air right now.  Maybe it’s the time in history, the time of the year and the time in the election cycle all culminating in the energy of “dear God, please give me some certainty.”

For me it shows up in desiring that from my sweetheart, for one of my clients it shows up in seeking it from her business, for another client it looks like her measure of how she’s doing as a mother and for a friend it shows up in asking for security and stability from her job.

The tough thing about looking for our security and stability from another person or situation outside ourselves: we can’t control anyone or anything outside of ourselves.

I am in charge of my security and stability regardless of what my sweetheart, my clients, my friends, my family, the economy or the weather is doing!  That’s the good news and the bad news!

While it’s not always easy, it is worth every moment of practice to come to know that in every cell of my being.  As I turn to my Source, my God, my inner knowing, Love, the Universe and affirm “I AM stability, I AM security,” that’s something I can take to the bank.

Spiritual growth of knowing that with my God, with my Source, I am stability, I am security.

Spiritual growth: As I my know my God, know my Source, then I know I am stability, I am security . . .

When I feel I must have someone else do or not do, be or not be something before I can feel stable and secure, then I am in a precarious position.  As soon as I notice that I am looking outside for my good, for my stability, for my security, I use that moment.

I take a deep breath, turn within, acknowledge God as my Source and affirm that I am Love, I am stability, I am security.  What a fantastic practice . . .

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