Spiritual Growth: The Many Faces of Resistance

Everything you desire awaits you – just beyond your human comfort zone.

To bring your desires into reality, you will have to move through resistance and step out of your comfort zone.  Okay, take a deep breath.  

You can do it. Think about the price of not moving forward.  Would you rather go beyond resistance and feel some discomfort, or live without those new clients, that passive revenue, your published book, that wonderful partner or more radiant health?

If you’re willing to commit to moving through resistance in its many forms and to becoming comfortable with discomfort, you can have everything you desire.

As you’re moving toward whatever you most desire, Resistance will pay you a visit.  Or, more likely, many visits.  Showing up in many brightly-colored, attention-getting costumes.

Spiritual growth - becoming aware of resistance
Resistance will show up to entertain and distract us with many funny faces!  One of Resistance’s favorite strategies involves changing costumes once you are onto the one Resistance is currently wearing!

A few of Resistance’s favorite outfits:
1.  Overwhelm
2.  Perfectionism
3.  Self-doubt
4.  Extreme busy-ness
5.  “Better” ideas
6.  Money problems
7.  Relationship drama
8.  Delaying
9.  Forgetting
10. Taking care of everyone else
11. Confusion
12. Habitual mind-changing

Awareness of Resistance is more than half the battle.  Simply begin to notice when Resistance is attempting to run the show.  Take a deep breath.  Then another.  And continue to move toward what you desire anyway . . .

Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Thriving Work: 90 days of daily practice for transforming you and your small business.”  Copyright 2011.

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