Spiritual inspiration: from within (day 18)

This morning as I was listening to a Michael Beckwith recording I noticed myself scanning his ideas for something to spark my blog post.  Then, I read an ezine from my friend, Tama, with the same thought in the back of my head.

Finally I noticed the spot of anxiety inside me.  Instead of taking in Michael and Tama as nourishment for my soul, I was busy looking for something amazing to share with you.  As if that amazing thing had to come from outside of me.  As if nourishing me isn’t enough.

The anxiety has subsided as I realize offering you a slice of my process is way more than enough!  Please enjoy this slice as you revel in YOU being way more than enough . . .


11 thoughts on “Spiritual inspiration: from within (day 18)”

  1. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. or even an MFA to know that ‘Work of Art’ is simply another iteraton of ‘Project Runway’ — which was quite a success if the the career of Tim Gunn is any indicator. Any critique that doesn’t reference the progenitor misses the obvious.

  2. hallo birdie,bei dir ist ja echt viel los in der letzten zeit und jetzt gibts schon wieder was tolles :Dich versuche es ganz einfach und freue mich, wenn auch ich einen der gutscheine gewinne. zumal die so viele leckere dinge im angebot haben und mich die rohkost doch reizt..einen schönen tag dirjule

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