Spiritual Retreat: Ritual to Support My Book in Living Large, part I

Last week I told you briefly about a beautiful ritual that Mary McHenry facilitated for me which supported me in more fully receiving, allowing and committing to my stewardship of the body of work known as my new book “Thriving Work.”

Before I tell you more about it, I’d like to offer you my definition of “ritual:” formal communion with the Divine.

Given that the entire book involves accessing more of our own Divinity in, through and for our work, it seems only natural that I would utilize ritual to put the book out in the world.  Yet, that wasn’t always obvious to me.

Once I received the first shipment of books from the publisher, my first thought was “party.”  Which is quite strange because over the years I haven’t really liked parties.  Even the few I’ve hosted myself.  Not surprisingly then, the party idea did not take hold.  In fact, it caused me a fair amount of stress as a “should.”

What a relief when I finally canceled the party and Mary called me to suggest a ritual.  I adore the sacredness, the power and the intimacy of ritual.  The ritual began to unfold from the moment she spoke.

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Ah, the comfort of having a guide through the wilderness of new territory . . . If you’re having a growth spurt or growing pains in your business or find yourself in the midst of personal transition, call Mary to facilitate a beautiful and powerful ritual for you and your business. 303.258.3803.

We didn’t plan details.  Mary requested I bring a few things for the ritual including a copy of the book.  The next day, as I was signing copies for folks who had bought the book, I realized I did not have my own “official” copy of the book.  I imagined that during our ritual I would sign a copy to me, for me.

Spirit had other plans.

(To be continued next week.)


“Ann Strong hits the nail on the head with “Thriving Work.”  I’ve long been a fan of her work and am thrilled that she’s offering her expertise in this book!  You can’t help but be inspired by her words, and implementing her suggestions will make all the difference in your business.”
– Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach and Author of
“The Magic of  Pray Rain Journaling”

“Thriving Work” serves as a guide and companion to moving beyond limiting beliefs, perspectives and habits to more consistently and consciously choosing to live and work from your naturally radiant self:

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