StrengthsFinder®: More energizing than fog and confusion . . .

I had a LinkedIn conversation with JB King yesterday in a StrengthsFinder® discussion group that I would love to share with you.  I had asked about people’s experiences with looking at their own and their clients’ strengths as the composite of their Top 5 strengths rather than looking at each of the Top 5 separately.  JB asked if I had used the 5 Whys to look at my inquiry.

My Top 5 StrengthsFinder® strengths:
Maximizer | Individualization | Connectedness | Strategic | Empathy

Cable Car

“Okay, JB, I’ll play!

I love the 5 Whys and use them alot in my own journaling and with my coaching clients. I hadn’t thought to use them on something like this discussion.

So here goes. Why is this question important to me: ‘How has the combination of 3 or more of your own or another’s top 5 strengths specifically informed?’

1. I have the sense that when we look at the cluster of our strengths, we find something precious, rare and unique. Why is that important to me?

2. It helps me and my clients better know, access and live and work from our specific genius. Why is that important to me?

3. Because I am hungry for and I see many others hungry for a clear understanding of why we each are here on the planet. Why is that important to me?

4. Clear knowing of why I am here and helping others have clear knowing of why they are here powerfully supports each of us in knowing what to commit ourselves to and what not to commit ourselves to. Why is that important to me?

5. With commitment comes miraculous outcomes. Amazing things that won’t happen in the fog or confusion. Why is that important to me? 🙂

6. I love miraculous outcomes! I find them so much more life-affirming, fun and energizing than fog and confusion.

Well that was fantastic. Thank you, JB.”

What’s here for you?  What’s more energizing than fog and confusion?
1. The content above that drills down to my deep Why.
2. The reminder to ask our clients more frequently about their deep Whys.

I leave you with this inquiry: Why is it important for you to grow your coaching business?

To your Thriving Work!

P.S. Shortly, I am launching a new brand around owning our Genius (which, of course, our StrengthsFinder® strengths are part of that).  I am starting a pilot coaching program: Free Your Genius®. I am looking for three women coaches or consultants who have in their top 5 Connectedness and one or more of Achiever, Activator, Maximizer or Responsibility who might like to become a client in the program.  It would be a great fit for them if they are already doing work they love, yet they’re restless right now to take it to the next level, narrow it down or reinvent themselves in their work.

If you or a woman you know fits this description, please email me at or call me at 303.399.8737.

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