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I have come to understand, usually the hard way, that I create most of my own stress. A bad news/good news situation!
I’d like to share the good news with you. I have pulled together an ebook of 24 of my most effective stress management tips and how to relieve stress strategies that you can implement immediately when you find yourself stressed.


What makes these stress management tips and how to relieve stress strategies different?

You will not find such a comprehensive collection of natural, simple stress management tips and how to relieve stress strategies anywhere else – online or offline. These insights are not band-aids for managing stress. Instead, they address the root of all stress – erroneous thinking – and minimize it with easy-to-use tools for inspired thinking and fresh perspectives.


My personal stress management success story

But, first let me back up and tell you a bit about how I came to really work these stress management tips and how to relieve stress strategies myself. A few weeks ago, my 13-year-old nephew, Jared commented that it seems like I’m always on vacation. Yes!!! But, it wasn’t always like that.

Two years ago, I started real estate investing ­ what I thought would serve as a part-time, almost risk-free, fun complement to my coaching business. It would get me out of the house, away from the phone and computer and doing something else I love to do: renovate houses.

Today, I have a whole new definition for “almost risk-free.” And, a much greater respect and appreciation for the art of fix-and-flip, which involves juggling and managing many more variables than I ever imagined. I managed the fixing part on time and almost on budget. That felt miraculous. The places looked fantastic! They awaited lucky buyers. On to the flipping part. I had allowed three months to sell.


It took more than twelve.

I had never known such crushing stress. Or juggled so fast. I learned many, many new ways to get creative. Creative financing, creative leasing, creative selling, creative bill-paying, creative covering my behind! Well, in the end, I managed to sell all the properties without foreclosures, but my creative behind-covering stretched only so far. And, I declared personal bankruptcy.

In the middle of all this, I broke up with my boyfriend. Several times. Then my adopted mom, Sybil, died unexpectedly. Then, I met a wonderful new man. Five months later, he dumped me. Ah, not so wonderful after all!

Thank goodness I’m a professional life coach and that I rely on the weekly stress management support of two coaches myself. I simply was not willing to let this stress ruin my life. Or even my day.

I grieved for Sybil. I asked my friends and sisters for help, sometimes a lot of help. And, I used the stress management tips and how-to-relieve-stress strategies in this ebook. I slowed down. I renegotiated many commitments. Sometimes several times. I changed lots of patterns. I treated myself very gently. I chose, again and again, from confidence rather than fear. I got a ton of rest. I expected the best from people. I created a rock solid personal foundation. I transformed nasty situation after nasty situation. And, I lived from self-appreciation and gratitude.


These stress management tips work!

My friends regularly commented they couldn’t believe how well I continued to hold up. Often, I couldn’t believe it myself! But, any time something started to get to me, I took a break, chose one of these stress management tips and how to relieve stress strategies and implemented it. If it didn’t help, I chose another one.

I now offer these stress management tips to you. Please use them before things get as bad for you as they did for me! Or, if you’ve had many stressors pile up like I did, then begin applying these stress management tips immediately and diligently.

The ebook contains four steps:

  1.  Stop! Get off the hamster wheel.  
  2.  Question! Create spaciousness to release.  
  3.  Focus! Make conscious new choices.  
  4.  Experience! Allow and express your unique natural radiance.  


I structured the book so that it stops you at the scene of stress, moves you into a bit of spaciousness so you can make more stress free choices, and returns you to your naturally radiant self!

In the first step, you’ll:

  • slow down
  • renegotiate commitments
  • change your patterns
  • pay more attention to yourself
  • make sacred play commitments


In the second step, you’ll:

  • calm your cynic
  • be gentle with yourself
  • minimize self-sabotage
  • choose with confidence rather than fear
  • find the gold in your complaints and meet your shadow


In the third step, you’ll:

  • give yourself the gift of good rest
  • create a solid personal foundation
  • put your ladder against the best wall
  • follow your excitement
  • focus on what’s working
  • explore how you may already be doing it right
  • expect the best from others.


 In the final step, you’ll:

  • express your core values
  • give from your strengths
  • expand your self-appreciation
  • create a gratitude journal
  • transform nasty situations
  • revitalize with a daily retreat


Easy-to-implement action steps

Each of the 24 stress management tips and how to relieve stress strategies contains concise, simple and effective action steps. You can begin implementing any of them immediately. Most take only a few minutes.

I can tell you from personal experience, if you practice even one of these stress management tips regularly, you will greatly reduce your stress. My favorites: creating a solid personal foundation and focusing on what’s working. After you’ve played with these stress relievers yourself, I’d love to know which ones help you the most.

Here’s some feedback from other readers:

“Just a few weeks ago, I felt anxious and afraid about half the time. Since I renegotiated some commitments and began choosing with confidence rather than fear (both techniques I learned from “Stress Be Gone!”), I feel like a new person. Calm and peaceful. Wow. Thank you.”
– Mary Blackstone

 “Thank you, Ann, for simple ideas that make a huge difference in my life feeling less stressful!”
– Denise Hathaway

“I recommend this ebook to anyone in a sticky situation. The “Transforming Nasty Situations” tool changed my life.”
– Nina Meyer


Personally Guaranteed

The ebook is economically priced at just $9.95. It also comes with my personal guarantee. If for any reason it doesn’t exceed your expectations, I will cheerfully refund your money up to 30 days after your purchase.


Free limited time bonus!

Receive Ann’s special report, Making Divine Lemonade, 10 problem-dissolving strategies when you order the Stress Be Gone! ebook now!

Give yourself the gift of less stress today . . .

After you’ve read the ebook, you may want to print it out and keep it in your medicine cabinet. Before you take more aspirin, take one of these strategies – or take two – and change your life! For the better . . .



Here’s to your new charmed life!

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