The Magic That Chose Me

As I feel this spine,
As I feel this heart,
As I feel this mind,
As I feel this Spirit,
I know the magic that chose me.

As I experience this present moment,
As I experience this breath,
I know the magic that chose me.

The Magic That Chose You

As I experience the strength of this spine,
As I experience the love of this heart,
As I experience the clarity of this mind,
As I experience the freedom of this Spirit,
I know the magic that chose me.

As I attend to this magic,
As I allow this magic,
As I accept this magic,
As I give affection to this magic,
As I appreciate this magic,
I embrace the glory known as me.

As I express and express and express this magic,
I give the world this glory known as me.

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within: Simple perceptions and practices for transforming stress and overwhelm into clarity and purpose”)

4 thoughts on “The Magic That Chose Me”

  1. Brenda, you are so welcome! I felt inner peace as the words flowed onto the page and I was mesmerized as I read it for the first time. I DO love the magic that chose me!

  2. Ken, you are so welcome! May we each attend our own magic and express our specific, unique glory . . . the world needs each and every one of us!


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