Thriving Work – Working Book Club

Thriving Work – Working Book Club

Small-group program to work through the book:
Thriving Work: 90 days of daily practice for transforming you and your coaching, consulting or healing business
By Ann Strong


To support each of us in moving forward in creating the businesses we each know is possible for us, and for our clients in waiting!  Leveraging the power of the group for each of our businesses . . .

Is this Working Book Club a good fit for you?

If you serve as a coach, consultant, healer or any kind of service professional (real estate, branding and design, insurance . . .) and you’d like to grow your business from a strong spiritual foundation, then this group may be an excellent fit for you.

Would you like to be coached by me?
This is an incredible opportunity to receive live laser coaching with me – available nowhere else that is this affordable!  The investment for this entire 12 weeks is a tiny fraction of what my one-on-one clients pay to work with me for a year. 

Each week, I will be coaching one or two participants.  Magically, the coaching tends to have relevance to everyone, not just the person being coached.  I will also coach as needed in the Closed Facebook Group.  See below to read what some of the participants in the first Book Club group said about the coaching.


We will cover one chapter per week from the book.

1.  Introduction: Divine Human
2.  Resistance
3.  Source
4.  Commit
5.  Clarify
6. Energize
7.  Choose
8.  Activate
9.  Thrive
10.  Astonish
11.  Ask
12.  Practice, Live and Love

Each chapter builds on the chapters before, providing a road map for consistently signing new clients.

To attend live:

12 Tuesdays, January 10 – March 28, 2017, 5:30 – 6 pm MT
(4:30 – 5 pm PT and 7:30 – 8  pm ET)
Includes laser coaching of one or two participants each week. 

Or listen to the recordings at your convenience.

Closed Facebook Group

To receive the most from this group experience, we will also have a Closed Facebook Group to share and be coached by me during the 12 weeks.

Your copy of Thriving Work

When you register for the group you will receive a PDF copy of the book.

If you don’t already have the paperback book and you’d like to buy it so that you can write in the book, you may do so at Amazon:
Order Thriving Work from Amazon


$95/month for 3 months ($285 total).
In 3 monthly payments or one full payment.
Includes all 12 weeks of action and coaching sessions, the PDF version of the book and the Closed Facebook Group.

Small group – limited number of spaces available.

Why might you like to join us?
Here’s what some of the participants in the first group had to say . . .
(Several of whom are joining us again for this second group because the on-going business development support is so valuable!)

“Ann’s presence never ceases to amaze me. Her ability to hold space for each of us individually, as well as for the entire group was beautiful. I was astonished at the depth of individual coaching on each call, and the magic of how the coaching so often resonated with everyone in the group. If you are looking for some consistency, or need a little nudge, this is the perfect opportunity. And…the prayers are phenomenal! Thank you, Ann, for all you are and all you do!”
Gina Garris, Sexual Healer & Empowerment Coach, Denver, CO

“In just 90 days, I went from working an uninspiring job working for someone else, to ‘Hey, I CAN do my own thing and thrive!’ This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years!”
~ Dev Darshan Haeg, Luminous, Denver, CO

“The book Thriving Work by Ann Strong was amazing, thought-provoking and uplifting.  The group gave thoughtful feedback about the book and helped reinforce the chapters.  The feedback gave me even more food for thought.  As a result of absorbing the material, I have started to think of me being part of the divine or that the divine is part of me.  It has made me bolder and somehow more satisfied.  Well worth the time.”
~ Michele Cederquist Logwood, Life Coach, Recovery Life Coach, NY, NY

“This is a beautiful and thoughtful exploration into how to achieve the desired results in our communications with others, especially with prospective clients, from a heart-centered intention. I recommend it highly; you can’t help but experience growth!”
~ Ken Shaw, Santa Fe Homeowning Solutions LLC, Santa Fe, NM

“Ann’s book club based on her book Thriving Work is a mindful, thought and action provoking process.  I’ve enjoyed the weekly calls where we all have input and Ann’s amazing coaching.”
~ Janet Bergin, Branding Specialist, Empower Your Awesomeness,
Cañon City, CO

“It’s amazing what can happen in 30 minutes with Ann – she has a presence and wisdom that hones in and touches the core of the matter with just a few sentences. Her patience and acceptance provide a safe place to go deep and make real changes. And in all of that, she’s real, personable and fun. The guided trip through the book is a fantastic journey to a truly potent you.”
~ Ephraim Mallery, The Joy Specialist,, Denver, CO

“Ann’s commitment to helping others grow and utilize their strengths is phenomenal. Countless times I listened to this interaction between her and others on the recordings. I love that she is extremely knowledgeable in StrengthsFinder and employs this in her coaching. Her book will help me when I establish my own business in the near future. Gratitude to you, Ann!”
~ Marolynne Webb, Cañon City, CO
(Note from Ann: Even though Marolynne’s work schedule didn’t allow her to attend any of the calls live, she was able to receive good value from the recordings and Facebook group!)


Feel free to email or call Ann at 505.466.1358.





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