Transformation: A Question Frees Us

What’s the difference between a question and a statement?  Why do we care?

While writing a new piece for my next book, I began to notice a subtle and perhaps life-changing difference between questions and statements. 

My first book, “Thriving Work,” includes 33 affirmative prayers/poems.  I love them.  They remind me where to focus.  For example, “I see with new eyes.” Yes I do.  Do I?  Well, I would love to see with new eyes.  Yes, seeing with new eyes is better than seeing with old eyes . . .

Hmmm . . . this statement takes me to a lot of internal conversation about seeing with new eyes.  I haven’t been aware of going there.  Now that I am, I notice that my thoughts seem to be heading toward self-judgment and argument.

new eyes

What is possible when I see through new eyes?!?

And, “new eyes” seem to be a one-time event.  There, I now see with new eyes.  Good.  Done. Check.  What’s next?

So, what if we instead try a question?  How may I see with new eyes?  Who would I need to become to see with new eyes?  What would it take to see with new eyes? Why might I like to see with new eyes?

Do you feel lighter, more expansive with the questions?  I sure do.  And, I feel hopeful and energized!  What is possible when I see with new eyes?  What else is possible?  How can I continue to see with newer and newer eyes?

What if I continued to ask these questions?  As I feel into that, I am pulled forward.  I am creating an entirely new future, not based on repetitive cycles of the past.  I don’t know this future, yet I love the freedom in the inquiry.  I love feeling the hope of experiencing more of me.

What about you?  What is your sense of being with questions? How does being with this question shift your perspective and experience?

Post your comments, insights and progress below.


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