Transformation: Commitment + Daily Practice = Miracles

The foundation of my new book Thriving Work involves devoting ourselves to daily practice for replacing old, out-dated habits with new, more life-affirming ones. Chapter four focuses on the transformative power of commitment.  Immersed in these ideas for months now, it’s not surprising that last week, I became intrigued by a blog post about doing something new every day for 30 days.

The author of the blog seemed to be doing this as a way of life.  For 30 days he would run every day.  For the next 30 days he gave up sugar.  For the next 30 days . . . well, you get the idea.  What caught my attention: taking one picture a day for 30 days.  That sounded like fun to me.  As I was contemplating if I wanted to make this commitment, I saw and captured one of the most amazing pictures I have ever taken.

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Did I happen to glimpse this breath-taking photo opportunity because I was considering taking a picture a day for 30 days? What powerful learning around the idea that “what you focus on expands . . .”

In the early morning light, I happened to catch a glimpse of this incredible spider web in my back yard. That was about a week ago.  If this is what I’m able to do when I’m thinking about committing to something, imagine what I could do when I actually commit to it and practice for 30 days!!!    

2 thoughts on “Transformation: Commitment + Daily Practice = Miracles”

  1. This is a wonderful formula. I love transformation, I live for transformation, and the word transformation is used so loosely, I get lost in what it really means. To me, transformation is very experiential, it is a personal experience. Now I have this formula to consider: begin with a commitment, add the daily action/ practice, allow the miracles to show up.

    I am not great at daily practices. As an experiement, I am willing to change that to “I am great at daily practices.” I started a new exercise program 5 days ago, Jillian Michaels “6 weeks to 6 pack abs.” It is only 35 minutes, but a tough and sweaty 35 minutes. I put a chart on the wall in my basement with 6 weeks of blanks ready to check off. I am sure something will transform by the end of week 6. Not just from my muscles changing my body, but something else, something unexpected. Stay tuned, I will report back.


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