Transformation: Ensure Wild Success in 2011

Last week, I shared with you my two big commitments for 2011:
– Deepening self-love
– Expanding self-expression

By devoting myself to these two simple, completely do-able ways to be in the world and respond to the world, I have guaranteed an amazing year for myself!

Regardless of what situations I create or find myself in, I will bring self-love and self-expression to the table.  Last night, after being in bed for less than an hour, I woke up with a flaming urinary tract infection.  

In the past, my responses to such discomfort ranged from depression to freaking out to panicking.  

This time, I simply said, how can I take good care of myself until morning when I can call the doctor and get some antibiotics?  Since I will probably be awake most of the night, what would I like to give myself?  Listening to good music?  Reading one of my partially-read books?  Sitting quietly, focusing on my breath?  Sipping a cup of herbal tea?

One of my clients committed to “freedom” for 2011.  Another to “easy.”  A friend is focusing on “deliberate.” How cool is it to look at something as mundane and possibly annoying as extreme, middle-of-the-night discomfort through a lens that gives us a radically different experience than without the lens?!?

Transformation and spiritual growth from committing to a new lens, new way of being.
Looking through a new lens literally evokes transformation in the moment: what was previously scary or maddening is now an adventure in self-love, freedom, easy, deliberative or whatever lens is most juicy and meaningful for you . . .

Wow, can you imagine how different your whole life will be 365 days from now simply by committing to viewing and living your life through a new lens – something that’s really juicy and important to you?  I can’t wait to spring out of bed to see what the new day holds, even if the new day starts an hour after going to sleep!  Having been addicted to 9 or 10 hours of sleep during the winter months for many years, that’s a miraculous perspective shift for me!

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