Transformation: Living with Abandon

Fear of abandonment.
You leave me.
I leave me.

Why do so many leave me?
Abandoned again.

Will anyone ever stay?

I’m only in charge of me.
So I will stay.

I begin to stay with me.
Whether I feel good or bad.
Whether you stay or don’t.
Whether I feel like it or not.

I stay with me.
And again, I stay with me.
Still, I stay with me.

The more I stay,
the more I’m me.

Living from my own internal compass.
My True North.

Freeing more and more of me to be me.
Freeing the specific Genius of me.
Freeing the specific Godness of me.

When I'm living with abandon, fear of abandonment no longer haunts me!

When I’m living with abandon, fear of abandonment
no longer haunts me!

Freeing . . .

And then, I hear it.

My secret code word.

Live with abandon.
There all along.

Live with abandon.
Free from self-consciousness.
Free from limitations.
Free from restraint.
Free from concern.
Free from worry.

Living with abandon!

Feel free to post your comments, insights and experiences below.

2 comments to Transformation: Living with Abandon

  • Ann Strong

    Brenda, thank you for this nudge. It’s not even a year and a half later and I didn’t remember writing this piece. It makes me so happy to see how far I have come with both living with abandon, and particularly, staying with me!

    To our empowerment!

  • Brenda

    “Living with abandon,” and “I stay with me? are phrases that speak to me.I have been a leaver. When things get uncomfortable, I find a reason to leave and go. I have been practicing staying, staying beyond the discomfort, looking for the gold and making sure I have fully experienced what there was to experience before making my choice to stay or go. When I focus on me instead of the others, I feel much more empowered.

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